Welcome to our Website.

Fluid New Media is an innovative, quality web design / development and solutions company based in Karachi, Pakistan. With over 6 years of experience we clearly understand the delicate balance between aesthetic design, programming languages and competitive pricing.

"With out strong client focus, we are able to provide you with customized web experiences."

Why Fluid New Media?

Whether you are just beginning to address your company’s identity, re-positioning yourself, or just looking to increase the awareness of your existing brand/company, our team can interact with your marketing department and help provide you with a consistent and powerful online identity.

Application Development

The buck doesnt just stop with web development for us. We are experienced designing and developing web based applications and with our technical know-how and innovative thinking can help you bring them to life.

"Often enough, when our creations come to life they offer memorable and long-lasting impresions to everyone."

Adobe Flash "Goodness"

We've been known to design exceptional Rich Internet Content for both our local and international clients. Whether its a hybrid type of site or a mini-micro Flash site, we are certain that our solutions will prove effective and convey your message as it was intended.

Mobile Solutions

Our focus also lies in the mobile and telcom arena, especially creating effective marketing campaigns, surveys and designs for a wide range of mobile devices. The future of the web as we see it will rely heavily on mobile phones and applications.
"Let our team present the advantages that we feel mobililty can help you and your brand in the near future."

Featured Work

Agility is part of the fabric of Ruby on Rails applications, which is a development environment we feel is perfectly suited for web based applications.

We develop custom web applications with primarily Ruby on Rails or PHP depending on the solution.